Earn A Full Time Income From Home

3 Key Things You Need To Do To Earn A Full Time Income From Home

In these times of fear and chaos it is really important for us to continue working towards our goals. Financial stability and abundance is available to everyone. If we use this time strategically and to our best effect.

The physical stuff we need

Life shouldn’t just be about material things but the cold hard reality is that we need them to make life comfortable and have great experiences. Everyone wants a nice place to live, to be warm, to have enough food to eat. 

But some of us want more!

We wan’t great clothes, we want amazing holidays, we want to have experiences and to do all of these things we need money!

Work on the inside to gain on the outside

While important to buy the “stuff” we need to live, we must not forget to do the internal work too.

One thing this online journey teaches you is the importance of working on you to allow leveling up.

Learning new skills and gaining experience are all things that will help your business to succeed. Especially in the short term. But if you do not do the work on your mindset then things will start to fall apart. No matter how much money you amass!

People who do not develop and grow emotionally will often experience personal challenges. Growth must stay in line with the expansion careers or businesses, otherwise disillusion and dissatisfaction sets in. They will be in real danger of an emotional breakdown.

So what are the most important questions to ask yourself if you are intending to become a millionaire!

1) What Am I Really Afraid Of? What Are The Things That Are Holding Me Back

Everyone has fears, everyone has blockers, everyone has things that if not addressed could seriously hamper their ability to succeed.

Some people fear responsibility, others fear having a large financial commitment. For many the fear of failure will be the thing that holds them back.

The key to addressing some of these fears and removing their power is to acknowledge that they exist. Often writing down things that worry you or that you are avoiding can give you back an element of control. Once you express that these emotions exist you clear the space to start analysing, mitigating and creating solutions. This should help to reduce the paralysis and panic that fear will cause.

If you are afraid of talking to others about your fears then start a conversation with yourself! Sometimes self love and self care is the most important gift we can give ourselves! Listening to what is going on inside can start the process of getting over your fears. This can help with taking steps forward in improving our lives and circumstances.

2) How Do Others See Me And How Do I See Myself?

I am a big believer in ignoring negativity and non constructive criticism from those around. Sometimes though, it is important to reflect on how you see yourself as well as how your nearest and dearest perceive you to be.

It is important to have an idea of some of your best attributes and qualities as well as identifying trait that are hindering your success.

Now the key to this is asking a couple of people that you really trust.

I am not suggesting that you spend hours internalising the opinion of every troll and hater that you come across on social media.

The idea is that you get a balanced view from people that can sing your praises in what you do well but also give you some gentle pointers of the things you need to work on to improve.

You really do need to have some perspective when looking at yourself under a microscope. No one is perfect, no one is without flaws. No one is good at everything and conversely everyone has things that they do well but under rate or trivialise.

3) What Am I really And Truly Grateful For?

When you take a good, hard, long look around you there are almost always things in your life to be grateful for. Even in times of chaos, hardship and fear we have things around us that are worthy of our appreciation.

How many times do we allow ourselves to get bogged down in the bad news, in the problems or in the issues?

How often do we allow our mood to lighten and just be genuinely appreciative of the things that we do have right now?

It is often the case that when things don’t go quite to plan, when we are in a situation that is out of our control or when we get stuck then we panic. This means that we often miss out on opportunities.

By reaching for feelings of gratitude and appreciation and love we can often inspire ourselves to move forward bravely and with a sense of purpose. By being grateful for all that we have we almost always receive more.

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