Blocking Out Negativity

Blocking Out Negativity And Why It’s So Important For Your Online Business Opportunity

The world we live in can sometimes seem like it’s full of negativity. News, TV and social media constantly bombarded our senses. Advances in technology means that it can be difficult to get away and turn it off!

Human beings, it seems to me, like nothing more than to moan, complain and bring others down.

For some it provides social interaction and validation, for others they just like to be mean!

If this sounds like you then you need to STOP. Especially if you are planning to build and grow a successful online business opportunity.

Negativity is one of the biggest killers of success!

Creativeness, compassion, empathy’s smothered. Strong, supportive relationships don’t develop. Growth is stunted.

Negativity also comes from those you love.

People can be afraid or threatened by things they don’t understand. Judgements are passed, comments are made even if they do mean well. It can be intensely negative and unsupportive.

In situations like these it can help if you keep your plans to yourself and don’t tell the people around you every small detail of your hopes and dreams.

Being involved in a new adventure is exciting. You are passionate and full of enthusiasm. There’s nothing worse than being squashed by well meaning family.

Keep your raving to a mimimum!

Often you’ll find that less is more. I tell my nearest and dearest the things that will “get” and understand but I don’t go into great detail.

And I definitely don’t tell them about the goals I am setting myself online.

Another thing I have learned over the years when building my traditional and online businesses is to not get too consumed in reviews, forums and other people’s opinions about the product or service I am exploring.

Make it your mission to build a business with a strong moral compass and you will not go far wrong!

Do due diligence to protect your reputation and the people that you share the service/product with. BUT DON’T get overly obsessed with finding out what everyone else is saying.

There will always be people that love or hate the thing you are looking it.
People tend to scream scam or be overly negative based on their own personal opinion.

That is fine. Opinions are OK!

BUT I prefer to make my own mind up based on MY circumstances, MY truth and MY work ethic.

Remember others may be fast to call something legitimate a scam because they couldn’t make it work in their own life.

Do some research, check out basic facts. Make sure things you’re promoting are legit. Follow your gut and intuition!

This is your life, your future, your dreams and it is important that unnecessary negativity doesn’t derail that!

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