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Do You Have A Family Who Hate Online Marketing? Prove Them Wrong!

Sometimes the hardest thing to overcome in this online marketing game are the people that are around you. After all, they are the ones that can fill your head with crap and tell you that you can’t succeed.

You would think that your nearest and dearest would rally round and give you love and support. That they would cheer you on as you chase your dreams. However, the reality for most marketers is actually the complete opposite.


Those that should be encouraging you are often the ones that leave you on the verge of giving up!


These cup half empty, dream sucking dementors will tell you that your online marketing efforts are a waste of time. They will tell you that your head is in the clouds and that there’s no way that you can succeed!

Where does the negativity come from?

Sometimes these opinions come from a place of love. However, more often they stem from closed mindedness and FEAR.


Fear of progress, fear of growth, fear of change.

The first thing you have to do, to start to be successful is TO STOP LISTENING TO THOSE NEGATIVE VOICES!

You need to learn how to put your fingers in your ears and just like a child say LALALA when they start to speak.


THEY can be your friends and family, your work colleagues, your parents and even the media. THEY can also be the voices from the past coming back from places that you don’t need to revisit!

What can I do to protect myself?

There are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to block out people that want to change your course. It will take some time and a change in thought process but, the actions are FREE and will make a massive difference to how you approach your business

First things first..
If the person giving you advice is struggling or does not live the type of life you wished that you lived, STOP LISTENING TO THEM. Advice should only be accepted if it is constructive, has already been proven to work and HELPS you towards achieving your goals.
You almost need to put up a protective shield around yourself. This shield acts as a blocker against all those negative statements and unsubstantiated opinions. If you keep reminding yourself that the negativity comes from a place of misunderstanding and misinformation then eventually you will train yourself to remember that it doesn’t serve you. That it needs to be avoided or ignored at all cost!
The second thing you need to do is turn that negativity right on it’s head, turn it into something positive, a force that will make you sure of yourself, that will build your confidence and make you strong…

Taking small positive actions

Every single day, write down what you want to accomplish in the present tense. This is important to do even when you don’t have time.
Try and write a few positive, inspiring and aspirational things each and every day. You will be shocked at how empowered you feel and how quickly things start to turn around..
Your positive voice has so much more personal power than those negative nellies around you. The more you do the process the more you learn to listen to yourself and trust in your own power. Doing this will also give you something inspiring to read back over when the neggies just get too much!


The final thing I would recommend that you do is find yourself a group of people that understand. People that are on a similar path to you, people that are on a journey, people that are inspiring and inspirational and that will celebrate your wins with you as well as commiserate when life doesn’t quite go your way.

Some hang out in specially set up communities and groups, some hang out at online marketing events. Finally, you should find a way to connect with like minded people whenever you can, it makes such a massive difference to your personal growth and also increases your chances of success.


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