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Getting Rid Of Negative Beliefs Before Starting My Online Business

Negative beliefs and the thoughts in your head are the single most dangerous hurdle to overcome when building and expanding an online business opportunity.

Negative voices in your head

One of the questions I get asked by people trying to start an online business is all about getting rid of negative beliefs.

You only have to look at the success stories out there to know that it’s perfectly possible to build an online business opportunity successfully.

To experience any sort of success you have to work on getting rid of the voices in your head. The ones that tell you that you can’t do it and wreck your dreams before they even take root!

I’m going to tell you something now that will probably shock you. Until you start to really think it through. It’s something that you really have to “get” when you are tackling your own negativity and boogey men.


You get to choose!

Experiences from your past have helped to form your beliefs. To influence the person you are today BUT they ARE NOT YOU.

Your story is not pre written!

When you make the decision to work on yourself and change your thought processes you can be, do or have ANYTHING that you choose.

You need to remember that the past is the past, it’s gone, you can’t change it and it doesn’t serve you to dwell on it!

All that you need to take forward from the past are the useful bits. Experiences and lessons that you learned that will help you to be successful and more confident in the present!

How Do I Change Those Limiting Beliefs?

Now this bit isn’t easy, there isn’t a magic wand that takes away self doubt and makes you confident overnight. There are however things that you can do that will very quickly have positive effects.

Firstly you need to take some responsibility for the way you are feeling. Have a frank conversation with yourself about what makes you feel like you are incapable or unworthy.

Write it down

It’s really important that as feelings or beliefs pop up you acknowledge them and write them down. Doing this makes you aware of emotions and self judgments that you probably didn’t even realise you were feeling.

Then get to work on improving the ones that will have an impact on how you see yourself and your place in life.

A Tip: Only choose 1 belief to work on at a time. You don’t want to get overwhelmed and put to much pressure on yourself.

This process is all about self love and self care. It’s about slowly building up mental and emotional muscles that help to protect you from damaging negative thoughts.

Find the root cause

It’s about exploring the way you feel honestly and finding out way what caused you to have those feelings in the first place.

Was it an event? A person putting you down? A failure in the past?

Whatever it is you need to face it head on. Start to tell yourself that other people have experienced these problems too.

They persisted, dug deep, confronted their fears, learned some new skills, took the lessons of the past and moved forward into a new experience.

Replacing the negative with the positive.

In my experience it always helps to try to IMMEDIATELY neutralise a negative thought that pops up into my head.

When doubt pops up, I try to replace the thought with a positive affirmation or statement to myself.

If I start to think about the failures of the past I remind myself that this time it is different. That no matter what has happened in the past I am different. I can do anything I want to do if I just put my mind to it!

It does start to make a difference after a bit of practice! At first it’s difficult and you feel a bit silly but with a little practice the negative thoughts become fewer and fewer and even when they do pop up I can usually push them away before they take root!

Be consistent!

You must be consistent with this practice! It takes very little effort but the effects of learning this simple trick are life altering and can help in literally any and every area of your life!

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