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How To Create A Squeeze Page – Generate Leads For Online Businesses

“Ping” – The sound that everyone who is involved in an online business opportunity loves to hear – because that sound means you’ve got mail! In all seriousness emails are the lifeblood of an online business! They usually mean that the content you have out there is working and it’s turning into subscribers, leads and sales.

The importance of emails

A massive part of being successful online is having the ability to get into someones email box and stay there. You need to be able to build rapport and deliver your message in a way that isn’t intrusive or spammy. When you do this properly you will see results improve over time.

Online marketers capture emails from people that find their content online, This content may be on social media, youtube or a blog but whichever the medium the marketer is using the aim is ultimately to capture the contact details of the person reading the material.

And it works!

Email marketing has stood the test of time and is as effective now as it has ever been but to get that all important email marketers need to know how to get that all important email address.

How to capture email addresses

They need to build a squeeze page..

A squeeze page is a simple form that is hosted on a website and has a single purpose…

To get the person visiting your content to enter their email so that you can add them to your email list. an example of a simple squeeze page can be found here.

lead capture page

Squeeze pages can be tricky to build and people think that they will struggle if they aren’t very techie. In the past this was certainly true but now this needn’t be the case. Power Lead System have just introduced a drag and drop feature which makes building squeeze pages simple.

And it really is as easy as it sounds…I have made hundreds of beautiful squeeze pages to use with my online content in just a few weeks. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours creating tools to promote your business.

Literally every kind of business owner in every niche and every industry can use Power Lead System to showcase their product or online business opportunity and collect leads.

The beauty of this system is that you can concentrate your time and attention on selling your product or service. The techie bit is also intuitive and simple for anyone to use.

All you need to know how to do is drag, drop, copy and paste!

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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