How To Make Money Online With A Tight Budget

How To Make Money Online With A Tight Budget When You’re Dead Broke

I got a heartbreaking message today from a subscriber of mine telling me they are dead broke and have literally no money to start an online business.

No one should be in this position

I feel so sad when I get messages like this and take the time to reply. To let them know that no matter how desperate times get there is always a way to improve your situation.

Starting your online journey doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be done, with great results, on a really tight budget if you are prepared to put in some focus, time and effort.

Sure you can buy expensive programs with high ticket commissions and pay for advertising if you want to get going quickly. But if this just isn’t possible or doesn’t suit your budget then don’t despair..there is always hope.

There is something out there to suit every budget

I’m going to share a plan that takes a little patience but is perfectly possible for anyone to do. No matter what their financial circumstance.

The first thing you need to do is to find something to promote. It needs to be something that already has a high converting system set up. When you take this approach you can share the business quickly and easily and be confident of getting results. If money is tight I would recommend Lead Lightening.

Lead Lightning

Lead Lightening is an entry level marketing system that lets you share the Power Lead System business and earn $6 for each $7 sale.

A ready made sales funnel, that converts, is included. You promote your affiliate links and people enter their email addresses into a lead capture page. You will be able to contact them again through your contact manager. We call this building a list.

Lead Lightening also gives you the chance to promote the link of another business that you want to promote. You can either leave this blank or find another low cost business, it’s really up to you ( Personally I would go to ClickBank and find another affiliate offer to share, there are also a couple of other ideas on my affiliate offers page. )

Getting leads for free (although it does cost you time)

Now that you have an offer to promote you need to get creative! You need to find a way to share your Lead Lightening link with as many people as possible in a non spammy way!

I like to do this by creating content. I write blog posts, produce FB posts and I also post on Twitter. Contributing to forums also helps to expose my link for as little money as possible.

It almost becomes a game! Seeing how emails you can collect and how many sales you can get becomes a competition with yourself!

Use the back office training and support groups

Training is available in the back office and I would recommend you check it out. FREE content should not be underestimated, Youtube, Google and Amazon can get you started.

At some point you will want to pay for some courses or coaching to boost your business. DO NOT put yourself in an awkward position financially. Wait until you have some sales in the bag to do this! Use FREE content to give you that starting boost.

Wait until you get your bank balance onto solid ground. Then you will be able to comfortably invest in yourself and your business.

Once you start to make money,invest in yourself

Now, as I said before, this method is going to take you a little time and effort but you won’t have any monthly memberships to pay and you will really get an idea of the things that work and the things that don’t.

Lead Lightening is the “taster“ product for Power Lead System and once you are confident that you can cover the monthly fees for Power Lead System you can scale up and start to earn the higher commissions.

I have seen so many members of my team start in this way. It’s a good, solid, simple plan but it’s really, really effective.
If you need more help to get started reach out through the contact form or social media buttons or you can always click here to go to Lead Lightening and get started.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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