Keeping Control Of Useful Purchases

Keeping Control Of Useful Purchases As You Build Your Online Business

Over the years I have purchased many programs, tools and courses as I have grown and expanded my  online business. If you are a personal development junkie and life long learner it can be all too easy to forget exactly WHAT you have purchased, WHERE you can find it and HOW you can access it easily and efficiently. 

Keep Control

Keeping control of useful purchases as you build your online business is helpful. It can save many hours of frustration and searching through your email inbox. Keeping control of useful purchases should not be underestimated.

Keep it simple

There is a really quick and simple solution to this problem. I keep an online crib sheet, on a simple word document, on my desktop .

Here’s how it works:

Every time I buy a new product or program I take these simple steps, I add:

  • the name of the program, course or tool set to my crib sheet
  • a brief description or overview of the program, course or tool set
  • a reminder of my username and password
  • a hyperlink to the website log in page

Keep it to hand and fresh in your mind

In the past I have suffered from forgetting the tools I have actually acquired in my arsenal. This gives me a really simplistic overview of the things I already have in my tool kit which comes in handy if I need a refresh!

I am sure there are fancier ways of doing this out there but I have found this works for me! Remember that the one thing you need to do when you start your online business is to be as efficient and organised as possible.

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