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NstaJam – Cool Tech – A Kulabrand Supported Brand

Nstajam is a company that is guided by a steadfast commitment to a two-fold mission:

 ▪ To develop a superior line of audio and technology related equipment. These should offer innovative design elements, exceptional durability, and multi-dimensional capabilities. They should also be affordable, exceptional and of the highest quality.

▪ To use our proceeds to support organizations and initiatives that create and implement strategies to reduce school bullying and prevent teen suicide. We want our children will have the confidence and resolve to shape their lives with courage, optimism and belief in themselves.

Nstajam Twist Silicone Hanging Earphones Bluetooth 5.0

Nstajam Twist

NstaJam®️Twist wireless hanging headphone is equipped with the fastest and most stable BT 5.0 chip-set. Features top-grade speakers for true Hi-Fi stereo sound. Built-in premium CVC noise-canceling microphones for clearer static-free phone calls.

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Nstajam Nspire Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

nstajam nspire

Whoever says, “Big things don’t come in small packages,” has never had any Nspire speaker! This little Gem of a speaker will never disappoint. It’s compact size is only 1.65 cubed. It’s light too at only 2.7oz. This speaker will literally amaze with its sound quality, range, volume and lack of voice distortion.

Covered in soft, durable Silica Gel, this mighty little speaker has superior shockproof enhancement.
IPX7 dustproof / waterproof rating gives assurance that water is a friend, even underwater! Whether your kayaking, fishing, boating, or hanging out at the pool. If your someone who loves music or listening to your favorite audio book, news or any audio. Nspire is the speaker for you.

Hands free calls, no problem! it has a built-in microphone for talking…

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NstaJam Wireless Power Bank

nstamjam wireless power pack

The portable power bank that powers it all.

NstaJam Power applies 2 built-in charging cables, one cable with Type-C connector, another with Micro & Lightning 2 in 1 connector, plus 2 USB A outputs and one QI wireless charging area. 

This Unit is built with the Highest-Quality component’s 90% are made in Japan & Germany.

Equipped with long lasting Lithium Polymer Battery.

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Nstajam The LullaBeat

nstajam lullabeat

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Water-Resistant
  • Pre-Loaded with Heartbeat Lullabies by NstaJam
  • Choose From:Volume One (9 Songs)
  • Volume One & Two Combo (18 Songs)With over 3.5 million cd’s sold,

NstaJam is proud to offer our Bluetooth speakers Pre-loaded with the world-famous research-backed “Heartbeat Lullabies”.

“Heartbeat Lullabies” are recordings of traditional nursery songs orchestrated and sung to the rhythm of an actual human heartbeat. The therapeutic music has been proven to quickly comfort infants, children, adults, cats and dogs.

You can buy it here

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