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Persistence In Your Online Business, Skills You Need To Work From Home

Do you give up easily? Do you get an idea, get mega excited and go at it full throttle? Then when you come across an obstacle or two give up as quickly as you started. Do you lack persistence in your online business?

Do you see something that excites you, a new product or online business opportunity ?

Will you research, learn all the jargon, complete all the training and then give up when you don’t get a sale in 2 minutes?

Is bouncing from shiny ball to shiny ball something you do? Moving on before you get any traction or results?

If this sounds like you then you probably need to work on your level of persistence. In a nutshell this means not giving up!

No matter what the situation, no matter how trying the circumstances, no matter what life throws at you.

It’s about learning the ability to keep going, with commitment until you find the thing that works for you. Until you start to get the rewards that you seek.

Often in life things go wrong, the unexpected happens and we do not get the results that we were expecting. People let us down, things fail, those around us are unsupportive. Everything is different and unexpected.

Disillusion and loss of motivation is common when we put our heart and soul into things and they don’t quite go our way.

Sales fall through, businesses go bust? the ways we get paid change without warning.

Have you ever felt like you had the perfect idea, spent time putting it into practice and the results were – well disappointing?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then how did you respond? Did you pick yourself off, dust yourself off and try again? Did you have a tantrum, stamp your feet and use a few choice words but carry on.

OR did you give up?

People who achieve success in any walk of life are usually the ones who have made mistakes and experienced failures a few times.

They are usually the ones that take a bump in the road in their stride, learn from their mistakes, get up and try again.

We see it over and over in competitive industries…

  • The author that sends a manuscript to 100 publishers before they get a deal
  • The artist that sends off demo tape after demo tape before they get picked up
  • The business man that goes bankrupt time and time again before finally hitting his million dollar idea.

Now persistence DOES NOT mean that you blindly carry on with something that isn’t working.

Every so often you need to take stock of how things are going, you need to review what you are doing and make sure you are on the right track.

And if you need too make adjustments.

Persistence IS about having the will to make those adjustments and keep going until you finally find yourself on the right path getting the results that you desire.

Online business isn’t the easy option, it isn’t get rich quick, it isn’t all smooth sailing. It takes time, patience and practice to get to where you want to go.

There will be days where frustration takes over, days when things go wrong, days when all seems lost but these days are often the time before a breakthrough.

Business is a part of who I am, both traditional and online. l’ve seen it all and had ups and downs in every successful opportunity that I have been involved in.

I’ve learned lessons, learned skills, learned about myself and eventually I started to notice that things were picking up.

I was getting more sales, meeting new people, learning the skills that helped me to improve even more.

Now I live in comfort and every day it gets better. My life has changed and the way I view the world has changed..

and all because I persisted..

I NEVER gave up!

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