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Power Lead System – Great Marketing System And Online Business

Gone are the days where a business could spread it’s message by radio, TV and newspaper ads. To grow an online business that will dominate, you need to be able to find and talk to your customers directly through their phone, laptop or tablet.

You must to be able to quickly and easily change up the message when needed. Also you should be able to test, tweak and play with your marketing material to see what really works to get the the most bang for your buck.

The Power Lead System is a marketing system platform that provides easy to use tools for both online marketers and online business owners.They have a everything you could possibly need to get the word out their about your amazing products or services and it’s all backed up with training to get even the most green marketer on the path to success.

The components of a simple marketing system 

Lead Capture Page draws the customers’ interest in to want more information. You can create an unlimited number of these pages to target specific audiences and appeal to many different needs. This is the first component in your sales funnel. You could have pages tailored for students, plumbers, health fanatics and any other subject you can think of. You want to appeal to the widest markets you can.

A Sales Page invites the customer to buy the product or service with a Call to Action and the offer. You could add a coupon for a % discount or offer to pay for or share the cost of shipping, be creative!

An AutoResponder Email Campaign stays in touch with your customer by capturing their email address and contact information for use in future ad campaigns and new opportunities to sell your products. It usually takes more than one exposure before a customer will purchase from you. Therefore, a planned and targeted email campaign can keep your information fresh with new email offers. Remind them who you are, what you do and why your product is the best to buy for their needs. Provide quality reviews and examples of how your product is better. You can include discounts or free offers for purchases such as ebooks or valuable tips on using your product.

The key to having a successful online business is putting a system in place so that you can concentrate on building better relationships with your contacts. Give them the attention they need, give them help and support and catch their interest. This is the personal element that so many overlook but that a good system can make easier.

The business I choose to use!

For nearly a decade the Power Lead System has helped millions of business owners to take it to the next level and it’s done with with the power of a few awesome features:

  • The ability to put your personality into your marketing and show us what you are really about. Create an unlimited amount of Lead Capture Pages, you can start from scratch or use the ready made templates and easily make them your own by adding your personal branding.

  • Access to a library of full screen background photo’s or full motion background video’s. Plus easily add your own video’s or Youtube video’s with 1 click.

  • If you are looking for something to share with your subscribers, it’s possible to create your own custom Google Hangout Pages and add call to action buttons below your video which can then be sent to any URL that you like.

  • You can track your ads to see exactly what is working and what isn’t. If something isn’t quite how you would like it to be, you can tweak and amend it until you get it right!

  • The powerful contact management system lets you rate and sot your leads / prospects , take notes and schedule reminders. You can even see who is opening your emails and clicking your links.

  • Instead of buying a new domain for each lead capture page you can create unlimited subdomains in seconds. You can point these subdomains at any webpage, banner or advertisement. No messing about and no extra cost!

  • Send an email broadcast to your entire subscriber base. Amazing deliver-ability and simple to use. Also, if you want to send something a little different then try an audio or video postcard?

  • Want to integrate with Aweber, Facebook, Twitter etc? No problem!

  • If you’ve built an amazing funnel and want to share it with your team, we’ve got that covered too. With a couple of clicks you can create a sharecode and help others promote their products quickly and efficiently. The opportunities are endless!

Everything in Power Lead System is simple to use. You just point and click, every feature also comes with an easy to follow “how to” video. If this just isn’t enough for you then explore the back office to get full training and access to weekly hangouts.


If you decide that you also want to spread the word then they also offer an affiliate program. Then you can earn commissions off the sales of their products. Just click the link and get a free trial.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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