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Should I Quit My Job To Start Online Marketing? Can I Make Money?

“Can I really make enough money in online marketing to quit my job and live the life of my dreams?”, ”I’ve found an amazing ground floor affiliate marketing opportunity, should I quit my job and go all in?”

”I hate my boss and my job. I think I could make money from home in an online business, should I quit my job?”

If you’re asking yourself (or Google!) these questions there are a few important things that you should consider. Especially if you are planning to burn your bridges and tell your boss to shove it!

Firstly let’s cover some of the most common reasons I’ve found which seem to make people want to ditch a secure income and  work from the comfort of their own home :

  • Your boss is the biggest jerk on the planet.
  • You work far too many hours
  • Work/life balance – there’s no such thing!
  • They passes you over for promotion yet again!
  • You’re stressed & your mental health is suffering
  • You missed yet another sports day/assembly
  • You’ve hit a glass ceiling and just can‘t break through
  • You‘re under valued and under appreciated
  • You know your worth more!

These feelings are more common than you think. I’ve experienced a bunch of them myself


I would still advise caution before taking the step of chucking in your day job..

Making Money With Online Marketing ls Possible

In fact I would go so far as to say that with a bit of patience, a bit of planning, a bit of learning and a lot of effort ANYONE that wants too can make money online, especially if they start with something super simple and newbie friendly!

BUT it does take time to get to a point where you‘re self sufficient and can pass on the weekly pay packet!

On average it takes any new business venture 2 years to break even and start to make a profit and in most cases it’s no different when you are working in the online marketing industry. You can start to make some money almost immediately but chances are it won’t be enough to allow you to empty your drawers and pack up your work cubicle Straight away.

I‘ve seen it time and time again, a new face appears, full of vim, vigour and enthusiasm. They are everywhere you look (often spamming their links all over, don’t do it!) and then the initial enthusiasm wains when they realise they have to put in a bit more effort and they won’t get rich in 5 minutes.

In my experience, the ones who last, are the ones that build solid foundations and treat their business as a real business. These success stories often do the following things:

  • Read books and invest in their own education.
  • Take immediate action on the things they learn, they DON’T procrastinate
  • Calculated risks are part of the plan!
  • Value their reputation and protect it above all
  • Track and monitor results and tweak their actions accordingly
  • Make a plan and follow through
  • Stay persistent and consistent
  • Don’t just give up when things get tough!
  • Start to build sources of organic traffic to keep eyeballs on their offers

If you take the time to build your business properly then the results will start to come. It may be a slow trickle at first and believe me, you will celebrate those first few wins like you just were Ben Stokes scoring runs in the Cricket World Cup! Every single one is valuable!

And eventually momentum will build and those single wins will become a more regular occurrence..then it’s time to switch it up, focus on the actions that are getting results, scale them up and eventually the trickle will turn into a flood!

That moment my friend, is the time to change your life and sack your boss!

Full of the smug, self satisfied knowledge that you have built something strong and sustainable. The added bonus will be that your friends will have seen your journey too and you will be able to share exactly how you did it, knowing that whatever you choose to share will change lives for the better.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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