The Entrepreneur Game

The Entrepreneur Game By EE Speaks – A Kulabrand Product

The Entrepreneur Game

Do you have what it take to build a business empire from scratch? The entrepreneur game lays the foundations for a new generation of business owners. It teaches that the world is opportunity rich and that you can have the life of your dreams with a little creativity and a bit of vision and effort.

Using games to build life skills

The game uses real-life entrepreneur scenarios to allow players to get a true feel for what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Players learn key skills including maths, accounting, negotiation skills, partnership building and idea creation.

The following essential critical soft-skills are also encouraged in the game:

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Brainstorming
  • Risk taking
  • Facing failure
  • Resilience
  • Goal setting
  • Working together
  • Confidence

All of these skills will become more natural as a result of playing this game.

Game overview

The Entrepreneur Game is a fun, educational and interactive game the whole family can enjoy! You are C.E.O of your own home-based or brick & mortar business. Your objective is to grow your business into an empire through marketing, branding, investing and negotiating deals. All while avoiding bankruptcy! Become a millionaire and you are crowned “mogul of the game”. It is for children (and adults) ages 12 & up. You can buy this here

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