The Scarffie

The Scarffie – A Kulabrands Supported Brand

The Scarffie

The Scarffie is a must have product for every wardrobe. You wear it over the shoulder like a shawl or wrap and you gather and tie it like any scarf. When you get cold, you insert your arms into the pocket sleeves and wrap up for warmth and comfort. This is a product that really does combine fashion, functionality, and fun.

The large pocket sleeves are ideal for storing your phone, wallets, keys, and glasses while keeping your hands free to go about your regular activity.

The versatility, functionality, and comfort of the Scarffie will quickly make it the favorite item in your wardrobe. Wrap it, tie it, belt it, throw it over your shoulder, there is no wrong way to wear your Scarffie!


Fabric types:

Serenity Blue Scarffie Wt. 8oz Fabric Type Rayon Knit

Thunderstorm Grey Scarffie Wt. 6oz fabric type Rayon modal

Cornflower Blue Scarffie Wt 6oz Fabric Type Rayon Modal

Dusty Rose Scarffie Fabric Type Rayon Modal 6oz

Ruby Red Wt 6oz Fabric type Rayon Jersey

A Taste of Rum From Holiday Collection 8oz Fabric type Rayon knit

Kiss of Pink 6oz Cotton Knit

Weekend getaway 6oz fabric type Polyblend Lace

Earth Day Olive 6oz fabric type is Rayon knit

Silver Rose from the Holiday collection 8oz fabric type Poly Blend

Raspberry Beret 8oz fabric type Rayon knit

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