How You Learn To Cope

The Struggle Is Real. It’s How You Learn To Cope That’s Important

There are days and weeks in everyone’s life when internal challenges come around. For some they have well developed coping mechanisms and they can deal with issues and move on with relative ease. But for some the mental battles become the biggest struggles of their life. They provide real blockers to success and achieving goals and dreams.

Negativity bombards us

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by negative images and chatter. It makes us afraid, it makes us insecure and it gives us real doubts about our capabilities and what we can achieve. Unfortunately the shocking, fear inducing, mind crippling stories are usually the ones with the most shock value and they are the ones that sell!

Our thoughts and internal chatter has more of an impact on our lives and circumstances than most of us are aware of because when we let our thoughts get out of control they quickly take over and sabotage our progress.

Thoughts are the single most important things to learn to deal with to have any sort of personal success.

How can we turn it around?

If we really want to succeed and make it to the top we have to follow the example of people that have found success. They are the usually the ones that can separate themselves from from the negativity attacking them from all directions. In most cases they find a way to just tune it out.

This may mean that you have to make some choices about the influences that you let come into your life. You have to treat your head space as something valuable, something that you protect at all costs.

You should probably start with restricting the amount of news you watch, keeping an eye on the junk news stories you read and zoning out negative people.

Protect yourself

But most of all we need to choose to monitor OURSELVES! Because the things we let in, the things we let influence us, the things we give power too are the things that have the BIGGEST AND MOST LIFE CHANGING CONSEQUENCES ON OUR LIFE..

Right from being a child we have heard the same things over and over again, you can’t do that, no!, that isn’t possible, “money doesn’t grow on trees, who do you think you are!, that’s a crazy idea! I love you but maybe you should set your sights a little lower, I would hate for you to be disappointed”

It becomes imprinted on our brains..burns into our psyche and it isn’t healthy! It isn’t right! It has to stop!

You only live once

You only get to live this life once, you have to cut off the struggle at source where you can! Life is beautiful but it is also a battle for our brain space. You have to dig deep and find a way to fight that deep rooted, internal battle and win.

It’s a fight for your life and your dreams. It’s the single most important battle you will ever have.

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