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What Are Shiny Balls In Online Business Do They Wreck Momentum?

There’s a little known but oh so deadly disease that seems to spread with alarming speed through online marketers..we call this dreadful, business destroying malady ‘shiny balls in online business’ and you know that one of your online friends has it when they start to bounce, bounce, bounce around multiple business opportunities with no apparent strategy, rhyme or reason.

Now I’m not talking about an affiliate marketer that is adding a complementary product to their portfolio. This is the right approach and I am a big believer in multiple sources of income.

I am talking about people that do complete 360 degree changes in their online business and its done so fast it could probably give you whiplash. I’m talking about marketers that seemingly have no plan, no direction and no clue!

One minute they’re the leading authority on using juicy juices and shakes shakes to help you lose your wobbly bits. The next they are spouting off about Forex, Crypto or CBD oils. 

Now like I said before there are a few circumstances where so much variety is sensible and appropriate. Segmented email lists, or several blogs and websites covering multiple niches are all quite normel. Flip flopping around, however, in several unrelated markets is not advisable. Present yourself as an authority in them all is going to shoot your credibility to hell!

At best you’ll look like a jack of all trades and master of none. At worst you will just look desperate.

One other thing I’ve seen in years gone is probably the worst thing of all! Some unscrupulous marketers, cash in on a large following and lead their teams to business after business. They promise help and support but give none. This sort of marketer usually gets caught out in the end and when that happens…it doesn’t end well!

Over the last few years I’ve seen my fair share of programs come and go and I’m not going to lie I’ve boinged and bounced around myself but in general I usually end up sticking in the make money online niche.

I’ve built a blog, a FB profile and and an email list and I use them to promote core businesses. I also promote affiliate offers that pay me for any sales I make.

Complementary tools are also an important part of my plan. They’ve helped me build my business and that I know will help others to do the same.

You won’t find me suddenly writing audio books about flipping houses or selling holidays. Those niches are not my strength, they wouldn’t sit naturally with me.

The point of this post is NOT to tell you to stick to just one opportunity and it isn’t to tell you to keep going with your chosen niche or business if it just isn’t working for you.

This post is just a friendly warning, from someone who’s made these mistakes in the past to find where you naturally sit within this industry and build your portfolio of products with that niche in mind.

So much of this industry depends on having a strategy for success. On having a plan and then working it consistently until you start to see some results.

If you are bouncing around and constantly playing with those shiny balls you will never give anything a chance to start to build up some momentum.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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