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What Changes Do I Need To Make To Be Successful Online?

Change is the catalyst for improving your life, your circumstances and your finances. To be successful in your traditional or online business opportunity you have to be prepared to embrace change and be responsive to events and circumstances that are happening around you..

Getting the wrong idea about online business

People often romanticise about being an online business owner. They think that they will make money quickly and easily and all of their problems will be magically solved.

This is not reality! Making money online is possible with application and effort. Changes to your approach will have to happen if you are serious about increasing your household income.

Work on improving you!

Ironing out flaws in our personality and character traits is something we need to work on for success.

In my case a major problem was procrastination..

Those of you who suffer with this will know the problems it can bring!

Rapid response is essential in this dynamic and fast changing industry. You often need to analyse and embrace change quickly to keep you ahead of the curve.

If you are a procrastinator you may identify with some of the following things:

  • Decisions can take hours or days and you worry over every little thing.
  • You afraid of making mistakes.
  • What others think of you matters because you are afraid to look silly.
  • You miss the boat on great opportunities and experiences and end up kicking yourself for weeks, months or years after
  • You have experienced failure due to being over cautious

I wasted so much time trying to be perfect. Making changes to my attitude and behaviors increased sales and as a result saved my business.

What To Do To Make A Change

The thing that becomes evident if your results are poor is that it’s down to you to make a change!

Learn to rely a lot more on your instincts and to sometimes, where appropriate, take a calculated risk.

There are always people further behind in the process than you are. Once I realised this I found the freedom to make braver choices and take a few more chances.

These days I make decisions relatively quickly. When I decide that something is right for me I take BIG ACTION. This is done to get maximum results, mistakes and successes are used as lessons and tips for my teams.

Everything that I do in my online business opportunity is seen as a valuable experience. Social media posts, blog posts or live training sessions all help someone else on their journey because we ALL have to start somewhere.

Every mistake is a leaning opportunity

We ALL go through learning cycles and we ALL make mistakes before we start to see some success.

If you are a procrastinator then commit to breaking the over thinking cycle. Know that over analysis of every small action means never really getting anything done.

Make the decision to put one idea, no matter how big or small, into practice every single day. It’s important as small actions taken every day form new habits and  get momentum going.

It’s a bit like a muscle, the more you practice, the better and stronger you get and the easier it becomes.

It takes steely determination to push through the tough parts of the learning curves you will experience but when you finally make the break through you will be well on your way to “getting it”.

Procrastination, of course, may not be the thing that YOU need to change.

The key to the whole journey is to look at yourself and the things you know you need to work on, then make a conscious effort to change that behaviour so that your situation will improve.

Online business is a great way to start this journey of self exploration, it forces you to really look at your strengths and weaknesses, to communicate and connect with people and to improve on those things that do not serve you well in the hear and now.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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