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What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Is It Important In Online Marketing?

Sales funnels are the unsung hero of everyday business whether you know it or not. Sales funnels, simply put, are the journey you take your customer on to turn them from a lead into a customer and are used in EVERY type of business from online business to plumbers to shops to car sales.

If you are thinking of starting a  work from home business then you need to understand sales funnels and the power they give. A process that works over and over again should always be your aim.

An online sales funnel is an automated process that takes traffic (people). Collects their information (usually a name and an email address) through a squeeze page/lead capture page. Finally, an opportunity to make a purchase is given, usually by an offer (sales page).

The sales funnel is the first opportunity to buy.

Once a customer has been through the sales funnel a series of emails is sent. We call this a campaign and it is usually sent through an autoresponder. This gives them more information and another chance to purchase the product.

Squeeze Page / Lead Capture Page 
The 1st part of the system is the lead capture page. The business makes an offer in exchange for a name and email address.

Visitors join the list and communication begins! Lead capture pages should be simple & attractive, they should also grab attention to get the most opt ins possible.

Lead Magnet

You often need something more than an attractive squeeze page to get a visitors email address. Incentives include free books, webinars and reports. We also call them lead magnets.

Sales Page 

The sales page is the next piece of the plan! And it comes directly after the lead capture page.

Sales pages are a video or long form sales letter that gives information about the business or product. It is the introduction point for the product. So it’s important to spend time getting this right.

Thank You Page

If your visitor buys then you usually build in a thank you page. This gives you another opportunity to have a positive contact with the customer and give them any information they may need about their purchase.



Once the visitor has entered their email address you need an autoresponder to capture and store all of the email addresses in an email list. Monthly fee’s are usually payable but the service lets you send the emails you need as well as monitor results.

Email Follow Ups

The final part of your sales funnel are the email follow ups. These are a series of emails which have been pre written in your auto responder. Automation is the key thing here. Messages are sent to your visitor, over a period of many days. During this time relationships and trust are built, awareness is raised.

One piece of advice I can give is DON’T send lots of sales pitches. During this time value and trust should be the focus.

So in summary it goes something like this:

Lead capture page (including lead magnet) > Emailed Entered > Sales page > Thank you page and email list. 

There are lots of variations to explore as you become more confident but for now this is a really basic overview to get your started and increase your awareness. You can find out more about building sales funnels for your business here.

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