What Is Traffic?

What Is Traffic? Is It Important For My Website Or Business?

Traffic is the lifeblood of EVERY business, in EVERY sector and EVERY industry. It is the person that walks past your shop door and decides whether to enter or not. The lady that comes across your name and calls your office because her boiler is leaking. The person that visits your website and may potentially become a buyer.

In this post I want to take a look at traffic and show you why your lack of sales is almost ALWAYS (in part) down to a problem with your traffic. Most importantly I want to help you understand how you can get more traffic no matter the type of business you have.

What is traffic?

Traffic is anyone that is exposed to your business (even fleetingly). They must make a choice whether to STOP and visit your business or not.

Most people think this is just about websites but that just isn’t true. Eyeballs on offers is an issue for all businesses (and many charities) in every sector and in every industry because we all need new people to show an interest so that we can make sales. 

When I owned my independent baby store I often spoke to my husband about the drop in footfall in the town centre over time.

I didn’t really understand it then but what I had was a traffic issue. Simply put there were less people walking past my shop and coming through the door!

I needed a way to get more people into my store and spending money to survive!

A note: Adding more stock, reducing my prices and having a wider variety of products wasn’t going to do it! 

Traffic is an issue for all business owners, a steady stream of the right kind of visitors massively increases your chances of success.

The point is that plumbers, hairdressers, lawyers and accountants ALL need a constant trickle of people to survive and thrive. 

What I know now that I didn’t know then!

It took me a while to figure it out but I needed to focus on 2 things:

  1. Making those that were already walking past STOP and come in – in my case with beautiful window displays!
  2. To help people that were not walking past, find me in other ways.

Now I promote affiliate marketing opportunities and I am ALWAYS looking for ways to get more attention to my offers. My “real world” experiences of business have been the key to my success!

Different Types of traffic

Cold traffic is made up of people who have not heard of or interacted with your brand before. They may see an advert ( it could be in a paper, a shop window display or a banner on a website) and are interested by what you promote. There is no relationship at the moment between your business and this person and often some kind of rapport will need to be built before they trust you enough to take action.

When I talk about building relationships with this customer there are a variety of ways that will depend on the kind of business you are involved in. I have outlined a few below , just to get you thinking.

  • greeting your customer and starting a conversation
  • demonstrating your products and solving the problems they have
  • providing testimonials
  • giving quotes and showing the value of your offer.   

Cold traffic is often the hardest to convert into a sale. They are often random hits and the person is not specifically looking for what you are offering.

Warm traffic are visitors that come to your business and already know something about you. A conversation of some kind has already taken place. This conversation does not have to have been directly with you. It could have been through an advert, a referral or other promotional material. This means that a basis of trust is already there and they are much more likely to to explore

Hot traffic is the most important kind of traffic in any business. These buyers are hungry for the products you are selling. They know, like and trust your business or brand. They know they have a problem or a desire and they want to get a solution!

Always aim to get your visitors as toasty as you can! Making a sale to hot traffic is so much easier!

Moving up the temperature scale    

As a business owner your job is to take all of the traffic that comes your way and move them up the temperature scale.

If you find a way to take cold traffic and “warm them up” you will always have leads and you will always make sales.

Getting control

Now you understand the importance of moving traffic up the temperature scale there is one more basic that you really need to understand.

Control is king when it comes to traffic

There are 3 types of traffic for you to really get a grip of: that you control, that you don’t control and that you own.

Traffic you own is the most important and the best kind of traffic that you can have. It’s your email list, your database, your customer list or your followers. It’s the way to reach your tribe, to contant them over and over again and there are new new marketing costs attached to it!

Traffic you control are the things you can direct. Banners ads, solo ads and pay per click advertising are all examples of traffic you control. The flow of this stream is controlled by money you have available as an advertising budget. Whenever you are buying traffic the aim is to turn it into traffic you own, this is usually done by using a lead capture page.

Traffic you don’t control is all the other stuff! It’s the hits that show up as an unexpected bonus! It’s the mentions on social media, people turning up through search engines. The aim with traffic you don’t control is to try (once again) to turn it into traffic you own!


So now you have a brief idea of the type and temperature of traffic you are aiming for.

In short the aim is always to warm your traffic up and turn it into traffic you own! That in a nutshell is it! And once you crack this your advertising costs will go down and your sales will increase! I’ve seen it time and time again… 

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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