Stuck In A Rut

When You’ve Got Yourself Stuck In A Rut And You Can’t Break Out

We’ve all been there. We’ve got ourselves into a tizzy, we’re frustrated or stuck and we just can’t seem to climb out of the dreadful mood that we’ve somehow got ourselves in. It’s a horrible place to be but we need to find a way to get ourselves out of the state we’ve found our self in and move forward again.

What to do if a grumpy mood hits

It’s sometimes hard to do but we need to find something positive that we can use to improve our mood and get us out of the grump!

When I’m pissed off at work I try to remember the reason that I am there in the first place.

I think about the things I want to achieve, the things I want to buy and the experiences I want to have with my paycheck!

Basically I use thinking about anything and everything that motivates me to get my butt out of bed and turn up everyday. And then the mood passes and I get on with my day.

If it’s things at home that are making me feel rubbish – I use a slightly different tactic. I often listen to an audio that I know motivates or inspires me (or even makes me laugh!)

I watch a movie, I hug my kids (unless they are the ones that have annoyed in that moment)

I read books, I listen to music, I exercise..

I do anything to lift my mood and distract me from the craziness going on around. Or even the self destructive pattern of my own thoughts.

Catch it while you can

When you know you are slipping, it’s important to catch yourself as soon as you can. To give yourself a different focus!
Anything that lifts your mood even a fraction is good!

It’s all about self, awareness, self love and self care…

About building up a range of simple things that you know have a positive effect on your mood. An emotional bag of tricks if you like. So that whenever the blackness is creeping up on you, you know you have a way to control it. To get back to moving forward as soon as you can.

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