Why Do So Many People LOVE Clickfunnels

Why Do So Many People LOVE Clickfunnels And Russell Brunson?

Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson in particular are the current “super heroes” of the online marketing world. Traditional bricks and mortar business owners, online marketers and affiliate marketers are all raving about the products and buying them in droves. But what makes them so special? And why are people going so crazy for them even if they don’t take up the monthly Clickfunnels service?

People love the Clickfunnels products because they are GOOD!

All of the Clickfunnels products are amazing. I would recommend them without hesitation to any business owner in any industry because they work.

You can tell that the products have been carefully created to help people solve the problems they come across when they are trying to increase sales for their business.

Everything from beginning to end shows the time and effort spent producing high quality information and each product that I have bought is easy to digest and put into action.

The products are aimed at selling Clickfunnels membership but they can also be used in their own right whether you sign up for the software or not!     

Below I’ve picked 3 of my favourite products but I’ve also included a quick and handy reference list showing all of the products Russell has for sale.

Product Overview

Brick & Mortar Funnels Summit Affiliate Program

The Bricks and Mortar Summit is perfect for any small or independent business owner that wants to explore using simple online sales funnels to fill their businesses with their dream customers.

Getting a constant stream of new and returning customers is the most important thing for any business. Driving visitors to your website, your sales team or your store and increasing the amount they spend when they get there is key!

This product is a FREE Brick and Mortar 3-Day Interview Series that outlines how to get 100 Customers in 100 Days…without a list or following.

There are interviews from 14 Brick and Mortar, 2 Comma Club Winners and they outline for you the exact day by day strategies they use to attract their ideal customers and clients in a straight forward and realistic way.
All you have to do is watch and listen to what they did and MODEL it for your business. 
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel…because all the heavy lifting’s been done for you.
You can get the details (including the awesome speakers, their topics, and more…) AND register for the FREE Brick and Mortar Interview Series here

Traffic Secrets Book

The Traffic Secrets book is the latest of the “secrets” series and seriously it’s like no other ‘traffic’ book out there. 

Everything is based around learning evergreen, long term strategies that help you to find buyers and followers. Ultimately it helps you expand and grow your business.

This book is useful no matter what platform you use. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Podcasts and others are all covered in easy to follow and put into action ways. The book is FREE (you just need to cover the postage)

One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a crazy, intense challenge where you have 30 days to build and launch your online funnel, while having Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen as your coaches.
The challenge takes you through every part of building a funnel. It is suitable for those interested in creating a product of their own, a business owner or someone who wants to promote affiliate offers. You can check out the One Funnel Away Challenge here

Quick reference list of the products?

Times are changing and for small businesses to survive they have to be nimble and adaptable.

All of these products allow you to compete and win against the big boys! Learn the strategies and put them into action and give yourself the very best chance to survive and thrive.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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