Fresh Content For Your Blog

Why Producing Fresh Content For Your Blog Is So Important

When you are writing a blog it can be tricky coming up with fresh content on a regular basis. When you first set it you think it will be easy to create new posts every day but as time goes on you can find yourself becoming a bit repetitive and sometimes you’ll get a dose of writers block!

Get your head space right

The thing I have found most helpful to avoid these non productive periods of time is to make sure you come to the desk or the laptop in the right frame of mind. It is no good trying to be creative when you are having a grey day.

You can’t force it… it just doesn’t work..

If your attitude is wrong then go and do something to lighten your load, listen to music, read a few pages of a book, do some stretches or have a quick run and come back to your work when you are in a better frame of mind!

Give yourself a break

If you are writing multiple posts or power blogging then make sure you take regular breaks. Don’t be afraid to grab a brew or stretch your legs for a minute or two.

It’s all about being as comfortable, free flowing and open as possible.

Keep it fresh and varied

I try and talk about lots of different topics when I am writing my blog, rather that just sticking to describing the product or service I am selling.

I write about things I am learning and exploring, how I relax, what works and what doesn’t, lessons I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had. People often are not specifically “googling” my product or service, they are often searching for something else entirely when they come across my blog, that is why it helps to write about a wide variety of things.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago called Online Marketing – Creating A Content Plan With This Easy To Use Template it may help you if you are struggling so feel free to check it out.

When all is said and done a blog is a creative outlet that we use to help people and introduce them to things that we would like to share about our online business.

The process should be fun to produce and useful to the person receiving the information. It’s important that you don’t make it a chore or a source of additional pressure as that will come through in the feel of your post.

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