Creating Organic Traffic

Will Creating Organic Traffic Boost Exposure For My Online Business?

One of the most common mistakes I see online businesses of every type making when they are trying to get exposure and increase their sales is forgetting to put a strategy in place to drive organic traffic to their website. This creates a MASSIVE opportunity for other businesses owners. Putting in the time and effort can produce a plan to create and convert organic traffic.

What Is Organic Traffic?

When marketers talk about organic traffic, we usually mean the number of visitors who are brought directly to your content, offer, or website through natural searches rather than paid ads.

Organic traffic is extremely important for EVERY type of business that is operating online. It is a direct measure of the “worth” of the brand. Once you get this right, you will experience a constant flow of the best, and most highly-targeted traffic to your offers.

Creating organic traffic requires a great deal of focused work and effort. It is one of the most critical marketing activities and businesses need to get it right.

Organic traffic can be created through a variety of methods including blogs, podcasts and social media traffic. Free content that you create drives people towards your website. This gives an opportunity to turn them into leads and ultimately sales.

Sales processes/ sales funnels

To get this concept we need to think of our business as a funnel (or more specifically a sales funnel). The sales funnel is the journey to turn a member of the public into a customer. When we are talking about organic traffic we are actually talking about Stage 1. (the red level) of the diagram on the left.

This first stage is the content that you create. It incorporates blog posts, social media posts, messages that you send via email and text to your customer database or email list, The sole aim of this content is to build trust and a relationship to drive people towards your offer, product or service (your website or ecommerce platform, the yellow level)

The Importance Of Evergreen Content

To get success with organic traffic your content needs to be really good. Valuable content is worth it’s weight in gold because it lasts forever!

We call this high quality, timeless content evergreen content. Content of this type doesn’t fade or disappear. It remains fresh and useful and produces results over and over again.

Spending time creating valuable content will pay dividends in the future because it will continuously provide results. Content is what drives people to you and your websites, and content is what keeps them coming back!

How Can I Create Organic Content?

You can create evergreen organic content in a variety of ways. Some people create images, create video’s and write articles. Others prefer to do blog posts, record podcasts and tell stories. It really is up to you how you get your message out there. A lot of it will depend on the business type, your personality and your strengths.

Getting started and being consistent is the most important thing. Good content is almost always about sharing knowledge and telling stories. People need to feel that you are answering their questions, solving their problems or connecting with them on a personal level. I have had lots of success..through this blog…with building an email list and sharing information with people who like what I write.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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