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Women In Online Marketing – Doing It From Home And Killing It!

Gone are the days when the internet was just a tool to sit at your desk reading the news, stalking your favourite celebrities and checking out FB. Of course you can still do these things. Especially in those moments when you need a distraction. Today’s online world, however, offers so much more. The space is full of online businesses and opportunities to improve your life. Forward thinking ladies are becoming powerhouse women in online marketing. Change is being embraced and used to it’s full advantage.

A work from home lifestyle means that you can do it all! You can build a career, make money, develop and be independent. And still carry out the tasks that so often fall to the ladies of the house! This way of life has such appeal – especially if you have small children or other dependents to look after.

Some of the hardest moments for women still revolve around working life. It can be a shock going from a 9-5 workday to maternity leave. And heading full throttle into raising small people is a commitment like no other!

When you do start to think about going back to work you find that childcare is expensive. If your job pays enough to make it worthwhile, there is always that “look” your boss gives you. The frown when little Johnny is sick for the 2nd time that month and you have to go home.

It doesn’t really improve as time goes on either. School holidays cause chaos, drop offs and pick ups test patience and organisational skills. Nativity play/school assembly/school trip/sports day cause melt downs as they just cannot be missed!

Online business opportunities provide a real alternative and much needed relief from all that stress.

Within a few minutes of searching on your best friend (your device of choice of course!). You can immerse yourself in a world of self improvement and start to figure out ways to make money. From the comfort of your sofa, in your PJ’s.

Patience and effort are needed though. Online business isn’t a magic fix. Your phone isn’t going to randomly start spitting £50 notes out at you by itself. You will need to learn some skills and you will need to put in some work. Mostly though you will need to treat it like a real business.

The Internet has exploded in recent years. Almost everyone has access to the internet either from a PC, a laptop, their phone or a tablet and this means that everyone has the chance to find something that interests them and turn this into a way of making money online.

Over the years I have pretty much seen it all, make up, juicy juices, shakey shakes, forex, crypto currency / bitcoin education platforms, traffic and solo ad sellers, awesome marketing systems, Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank style businesses and a whole lot more..there really is something for every taste, interest and skill set.

And the number of professional women in online marketing is growing everyday. Turning to the laptop lifestyle and smashing it is increasing. The beauty of being online is that there is NO glass ceiling, NO gender pay gap and NO cap on earnings. You get to define who you are and how you want to work and you get to do it YOUR way.

The stigma of old about scams and pyramid schemes is slowly reducing as the online industry becomes more regulated and in most cases, more ethical. Of course you still find some junk, it’s the same in any industry, but for the most part, if you do your research and use a little common sense you can build a business to be proud of, one that will stand the test of time and be the secure future for your family you dream of.

I’ve been so grateful for my experiences online, I have made amazing friends, I have built a wonderful team, I have traveled to incredible places and learned skills that will help me in every area of my life. Nowadays I know that the only limits to what I can do are the limits I place on myself.

I know that I can be, do and have anything I chose, I know I am valuable and no matter whether I am at home on my laptop, in my office on a computer or on a trip and working from my phone, I am in complete control of the work I do, the time I spend and the money I make. It is a truly liberating way to live.

I can help you to get that too, but first, you have to take action and get started, find out just a little bit more today.

I have been very fortunate to build an online income over the past few years, if this is something you’d like to do too you can see here exactly how I make money from this blog.

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