Yahooty Who?

Yahooty Who? – Books That All Children Should Read

Yahooty is mischievous and is a character you will fall in love with. Yahooty teaches kids about kindness, about selfless acts, about inclusion and caring for others. It is a book that I believe that every child should have on their bookshelf.

The books are suitable for all ages and you will love sharing them with your children. 

Yahooty Who? Hardcover book

Yahooty Who?

Find out why “Yahooty Who?™️” was in the top 1% of all Kickstarter publishing projects EVER!  The characters teach children to think about and investigate the world around them.


Full-color 8×8 book in hardcover

Perfect for young children ages 2-8

Brings families together

Look for Yahooty all-year, everywhere!

You can buy it here

Yahooty Who? Plush Doll

Yahooty You Plush Doll

 has been designed with love to look just like the character in the book, from his wild green hair to his iridescent crinkly wings. You’ll love every little detail of this cuddly helpful friend. You can always count on Yahooty to be there when you need a friend to lend a hand. You can also hide him around your house and play FIND YAHOOTY… a timeless game the entire family will enjoy.

You can buy it here

Yahooty Who? Sock Puppet Fluff

Yahooty Who Sock Puppet

Bring home your very own super fluffy and fun “Fluff” sock puppet, made especially by Yahooty himself! Fluff is featured in the book and is a faithful sidekick of our green-haired helpful friend, Yahooty! His favorite thing is SURPRISES and he adores eating popcorn!

One size brings endless antics to children and adults alike. Each sock puppet has been designed to look exactly like the book illustrations, taking special care with custom printed fabrics and details that keen kids will notice and appreciate right away!

You can buy it here

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