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Your Definition Of Success Impacts Results In Your Online Business

We all have different views and opinions when it comes to our definitions of success. How we view success, how we measure success and how we judge our own success can have a massive impact on how we build our online business opportunities.

How we define success

I must admit I have found writing this post a challenge. For me, throughout most of my adult life, success has been defined by material things. How much money I earned, what job title I had, where I lived and who I hung out with. It was all very shallow and seemed to give me opportunities to fail and beat myself up more than anything else!

The one thing that my online journey has taught me is that everyone has different views about what defines them as successful and that this is good!

Views  change with experiences and circumstances

Nowadays I think my version of success has changed although I still want a comfortable life, a nice house and lots of experiences… for me success is more about getting to where I want to go and making steps towards that goal on a regular basis.

It isn’t about having a fixed sum of money in the bank, those thoughts of “when I have a million in the bank I’ve made it” have long gone.

It’s more about seeing progress, about the small steps taken forward in the journey. If I’ve stopped moving forward then I’ve stalled my own personal success. As long as I am moving forward then I am by my own definition successful!

Accountability matters

This view of the world has been powerful for me, it gives me accountability to myself and forces me to take action. I know that if I start to feel like I am failing it is because I am not taking the action necessary to move even a quarter of an inch forward. That quarter of an inch is SO important to the overall plan and shouldn’t be underestimated!

When you adopt this mindset then you never really get stuck again, every movement forward is a success to be celebrated because you know you are moving towards your goals and dreams and that is why it has such a big effect on your online journey.

It removes the blockers, it removes the pressure, it removes the fear. Once you get a proportional and rational grip on your version of success your life will improve 10 fold and you will start to see small improvements in your results almost immediately.

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